May 2021: Susan Child

The Colorado chapter invited ASDP VP of Conference Planning, Susan Child, to its May meeting.  Susan agreed to this position because she always learns something new at conference.  She also likes conference because it is a chance to network with others in the business, it is an opportunity to grow, and it is a good … Continue reading May 2021: Susan Child

April 2021: Lalon Alexander

The Colorado chapter invited ASDP VP of Education Lalon Alexander, Ph.D., to its April meeting.  Lalon is VP of Education in addition to her duties as a University fashion professor and president-elect for the Costume Society of America.  Lalon talked about various forms of ASDP education, including Eye of the Needle, national conference, University of … Continue reading April 2021: Lalon Alexander

March 2021: Bonny Carmicino

The Colorado chapter invited ASDP president Bonny Carmicino to its March meeting.  After introductions, including our visitors, Bonny shared her vision for ASDP.  Her vision is based on the fact that many founding members are getting older and aging out of membership and that there is knowledge and information that is in danger of getting … Continue reading March 2021: Bonny Carmicino

February 2021: J.J. Collier

The Colorado chapter invited former professional snowboard and design leader J.J. Collier to its February meeting.  J.J. has worked for Salomon, Ralph Lauren, Spyder, and other leading brands. He spoke to us of three major issues: the state of the retail sewing industry, new 3D graphics packages for draping designs digitally, and sustainability. J.J. cited … Continue reading February 2021: J.J. Collier

January 2021

The Colorado chapter invited ASDP’s VP of Development, Julie Hansberry, to its January meeting.  Julie has been sewing since 2nd grade and recently shifted from a career in marketing to open her sewing business.  Tis position is a natural use of her varied talents.  Therefore, she spoke about several opportunities to expand ASDP to related … Continue reading January 2021