March 2022 – Croquis

Carol Phillips gave a highly informative and interesting presentation on how to create your personal body croquis for zero dollars using readily available digital resources like smart phones, computers and common tracing and drawing tools. Or, enter 22 body measurements into an online application and generate a customized digital body silhouette for $30 to $ … Continue reading March 2022 – Croquis

January 2022: eCommerce

At December meeting of the Colorado Chapter of ASDP, we learned what to ask ourselves when starting an eCommerce (web-based) business.  Speaker Bethany Siegler, from UniqueThink (, spoke about the various topics that people tend to forget and topics that need to consider before choosing the web site host, site developer, and software to run … Continue reading January 2022: eCommerce

November 2021

At the November meeting of the Colorado Chapter of ASDP, member Karen Bengtson gave her summary of “A Day in the Life at the Learning Experience” that was held in Boise, ID, instead of Conference. Karen attended classes by Claire Schaeffer (couture tailoring) and Robyn Spady (garment trims). We met at our usual location in … Continue reading November 2021

September 2021

In September the Colorado Chapter returned to its old meeting place for the first time since January 2020.  We met to continue stitching our Fashion Gloves, using the techniques John Koch taught at the October 2019 ASDP National Conference. Member Pat did a quick review of terms and what we’d done previously: setting the thumb … Continue reading September 2021

August 2021: Picnic

In August the Colorado Chapter of ASDP met as a group for the first time since January 2020; we had a picnic at member Marci’s back yard.  We enjoyed decent morning temperatures, low humidity, and relatively little smoke from distant states.  After enjoying a diverse arrangement of egg dishes, fruits, and deserts we had a … Continue reading August 2021: Picnic

May 2021: Susan Child

The Colorado chapter invited ASDP VP of Conference Planning, Susan Child, to its May meeting.  Susan agreed to this position because she always learns something new at conference.  She also likes conference because it is a chance to network with others in the business, it is an opportunity to grow, and it is a good … Continue reading May 2021: Susan Child