September 2022

The Colorado Chapter had an evening business meeting in September. This was our meeting for voting and strategic planning.  According to the latest draft of the Chapter Bylaws written by the National ASDP, we have too many board members.  Because only one at-large member was present, it was decided to table the votes until another … Continue reading September 2022

August 2022 – Picnic

The Colorado Chapter had an evening potluck during the heat of August.  Fortunately, the weather threatened rain so we didn’t have the usual radiant heating of the air, meaning that the covered patio at member Marci’s house was a comfortable place for conversation.  Carol entertained us with a study of garments from 1922 in the … Continue reading August 2022 – Picnic

July 2022 – The Zipper Lady

The Colorado Chapter had a stimulating meeting with Alicia, the Zipper Lady (  Alicia brought an assortment of zipper tapes and zipper pulls for everyone.  Starting with zippers with the largest teeth we learned how to install the pulls.  Then we tried it on zippers with smaller teeth, which became progressively more difficult, but doable.  … Continue reading July 2022 – The Zipper Lady

June 2022 -Standards of Quality

In early June, the Colorado Chapter had another evening meeting, this time to learn about Standards of Quality.  Chapter President Anne Kuehn led the discussion by walking us through the 2008 version available from the National ASDP web site (Standards of Quality for Custom Clothing (  This document contains expectations for quality garments made primarily … Continue reading June 2022 -Standards of Quality

May 2022 – Personality Types

In May, the Colorado chapter met online (zoom) and in person to learn about personalities. Member Pat Bornmann introduced the Enneagram and Myers-Briggs personality types. Near the end she had everyone submit their individual personality preferences and that of the entire group was determined. All preferences were well represented with nearly equal numbers of extraverts … Continue reading May 2022 – Personality Types